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Bordeaux 1982

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux1982Ducru Beaucaillou

Ex Chateau, 2010 release

BT1 \ 0124,200.001297 LPB12466.6666666666797.0097.00Ducru Beaucaillou0.7510
Bordeaux1982Ducru Beaucaillou

Ex chateau, 2020 Release

6 bottle minimum order

BT2 \ 0244,400.001297 LPB24488.88888897.0097.00Ducru Beaucaillou0.7510
Bordeaux1982Ducru Beaucaillou

Ex Chateau, 2022 Release

BT2 \ 6304,500.001297 LPB3050097.0097.00Ducru Beaucaillou0.7510
Bordeaux1982Ducru Beaucaillou

Ex chateau, 2020 release, Individual OWC

MG0 \ 111,050.00bt97 LPB170097.0097.00Ducru Beaucaillou1.510
Bordeaux1982Grand Puy Ducasse

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

available September 2021

IM441,150.00bt86 RP4191.6666666666786.0086.00Grand Puy Ducasse610
Bordeaux1982Gruaud Larose New

Ex Chateau, 2022 Release

BT0 \ 668,400.0012100 RP6933.33333333333100.00100.00Gruaud Larose0.7510
Bordeaux1982Lafite Rothschild

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release, 3 bottle OWC

3 bottle minimum order

BT0 \ 6657,000.001297+ RP66333.333333333397.1097.10Lafite0.7510
Bordeaux1982Léoville Las CasesBT1 \ 0126,000.0012100 RP12666.66666666667100.00100.00Leoville Las Cases0.7510
Bordeaux1982La Mission Haut Brion

Great British Cellar, OWC, excellent appearance with neck levels and good labels

BT1 \ 01219,500.0012100 RP122166.6666666667100.00100.00Mission Haut Brion0.7510
Bordeaux1982Pontet Canet

Ex Chateau, 2022 Release

MG1 \ 062,880.00688 RP632088.0088.00Pontet Canet1.510

Ex Chateau 2007, Indivdual OWC

BT0 \ 11400.00bt95 NM1533.3333333333395.0095.00Yquem0.7540
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