Robert Parker 100 Point Wines

Here we list all available wines that have achieved the perfect 100 point Parker score or where the range shows the potential to achieve it.

Although there are many wines that we would encourage our customers to try despite falling short of this mark, and despite some notable differences of opinion, Robert Parker has created a simple, effective and globally-recognised rating system that we, like the rest of the fine wine trade, are happy to use.

These wines represent his favourites and are consequently highly prized and in great demand and may not be easy to obtain again once sold.

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Score Help
BordeauxM.V.Mixed Case Pavie, 4x100 points Robert Parker

Limited Edition Cases including 1 bottle each 2000, 2005, 2009 & 2010

BT4102,500.004100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Cheval Blanc

Ex chateau, 2020 release

HV21210,800.0024100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010Haut Brion

3 Bottle OWC

BT066,450.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
3 bottle minimum order. 
Bordeaux2010Pontet CanetBT201,570.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2010La Violette BT1012,800.00
12100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009ClinetBT102,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Clos FourtetBT202,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Haut BaillyBT101,580.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Léoville PoyferréBT201,615.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009La Mission Haut BrionBT104,500.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Pure Perfection Mixed Case (12 x 100 points RP)

Contains 1 btl each of Beauséjour Duffau, Clinet, Clos Fourtet, Cos d'Estournel, Ducru Beaucaillou, Evangile, Léoville Poyferré, Montrose, Pavie, Pontet Canet, Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge and Pape Clement Blanc

BT1202,950.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009MontroseBT262,200.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2009Pontet CanetBT1701,680.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005AngelusMG104,100.006100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Ausone BT0610,400.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Cheval BlancMG107,300.006100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Haut BrionIM-15,400.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005LafleurBT2017,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Larcis DucasseDM-21,020.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005La Mission Haut BrionBT204,200.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005PavieBT163,400.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005PavieMG103,450.006100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Péby FaugèresBT063,300.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2005Troplong MondotBT302,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2003Lafite RothschildBT109,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2003LatourBT567,250.0012100 RPAdd to Basket

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

JR-15,900.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000Lafite RothschildBT1013,350.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000Lafite Rothschild

In 3 x DM OWC

DM-214,400.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000Lafite Rothschild

Ex chateau, 2020 release

IM-112,200.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

HV1010,800.0024100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000MargauxBT068,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2000PavieBT01425.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket

Individual OWC

BT013,875.00bt100 RPAdd to Basket

In 6 bottle OWC

BT033,833.33bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1986Mouton Rothschild BT109,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1982La Mission Haut BrionBT3011,250.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2001Yquem HV403,900.0024100 RPAdd to Basket


bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Bordeaux1976Yquem BT606,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket

slightly corroded capsules

bt100 RPAdd to Basket

Non OWC, levels just below top shoulder

bt100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2010Cornas, Domaine Auguste ClapeBT103,300.00
12100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2009CDP Cuvee Sanctus Sanctorum, Clos Saint-JeanMG044,400.006100 RPAdd to Basket
1 bottle minimum order. 
Rhône2007CDP Cuvée da Capo, Domaine de PégauBT103,900.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2007CDP Cuvée Mon Aieul, Domaine Pierre UsseglioBT401,480.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2007CDP Réserve des Deux Frères, Domaine Pierre UsseglioBT162,050.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône2001CDP Cuvée de la Reine des Bois, Domaine de la Mordorée

Not in original carton, some very slightly stained/scuffed labels

12100 RPAdd to Basket
Rhône1990CDP Vieilles Vignes, Domaine de MarcouxBT105,000.0012100 RPAdd to Basket
U.S.A.2015La Joie, Vérité WineryDM-21,050.00bt98/100 RPAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
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