Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2016 Christmas Quiz. We hope you all enjoyed the challenge. Many customers did amazingly well with scores in the high 40's, but this year we had two maximum 50/50 scores. Well done to Joss Fowler, author of the brilliant "Vinolent" wine blog and to Charlie Matthews from Bordeaux. Both will receive wine from Farr Vintners.

We asked them the following tie-break question:

"A wine from which region was awarded its first ever 100 point score in the wine Advocate in 2016?"

The first to respond with the correct answer (which was Jura) and the winner of the Farr Vintners Christmas Quiz of 2016 was Joss, so congratulations to him!

1 Farr Vintners moved to a new location in 2016. Next to which bridge is the new office situated?
2 Farr Vintners Asia is located close to which famous sporting arena?
Happy Valley (also allowed Hong Kong stadium)
3 Which famous British artist designed the label for Mouton Rothschild 2014?
David Hockney
4 Which famous British artist designed the label half a century before him?
Henry Moore
5 What is the only 4th growth Chateau in Saint Estephe?
Lafon Rochet
6 What nationality is the owner of Burgundy’s Maison Verget?
7 What nationality is the owner of Spanish vineyard Pingus?
8 What is the only appellation of Burgundy where the Sauvignon Blanc grape is permitted?
Saint Bris
9 Which appellation of approximately 1550 hectares requires a minimum of 50% Mourvedre in its red wines?
10 What wine often used to be produced in a fiasco?
11 The owners of a Bordeaux classed growth Chateau also produce a craft beer that is named after a road that runs through the Medoc. Name the Chateau and the beer.
Lynch Bages. D2
12 Who links Argentinian wine Cheval des Andes and Chateau Canon?
Nicolas Audebert (former winemaker and current winemaker).
13 Which Grand Cru Burgundy vineyard is linked to Krug, Cheval Blanc and Yquem?
Clos des Lambrays (all owned by LVMH)
14 Which famous Rhône wine’s second label is called Pontcin?
Chateau Grillet
15 Which brandy producing family bought which famous Bordeaux property in 1983?
The Bernard family bought Domaine de Chevalier
16 Which brandy producing family bought which famous Bordeaux property in 1975?
The Tesseron family bought Pontet Canet
17 At the annual “Ten Years On” Tasting this year of the 2006 vintage, which wine was voted wine of the vintage?
18 Which 4 Masters of Wine participated in this tasting?
Jancis Robinson, Derek Smedley, Sebastian Payne and Alex Hunt.
19 Which famous British wine writer was born in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex?
Neal Martin
20 What was the last vintage of Romanée Conti produced from pre-phylloxera vines?
21 What are the former and current names of a winery in Charlottesville, Virginia purchased in 2011 by a famous tee-total billionaire?
Kluge Estate /Trump Winery.
22 According to Andrew Jefford on, the above Winery relies on non-immigrant foreign workers of which nationality to harvest its grapes?
23 In the 2014 vintage which First Growth Bordeaux Chateau released, for the first time, a white wine?
Cheval Blanc
24 Crossed keys feature on the box of which 2 famous Bordeaux wines?
Petrus and Pape Clement
25 Crossed keys are the symbol of which French appellation?
Chateauneuf du Pape
26 What is the only Premier Cru White Burgundy made entirely from the Aligoté grape and who makes it?
Morey St Denis Monts Luisants from Domaine Ponsot
27 US Auctioneers Acker, Merrall and Condit once offered for sale Clos Saint Denis Ponsot from the 1945, 1949, 1959, 1962, 1966 and 1971 vintages, but what was the first vintage of this wine that the Domaine in question actually made?
28 A famous Bordeaux producer’s third wine in California is named after which Shakespearian character?
Othello (Christian Moueix’s third wine of Dominus)
29 Grapes from Central Otago’s Calvert Vineyard are now used to make which 2 wines?
Felton Road “Calvert” and Cloudy Bay “Te Wahi”
30 The former director of Chateau Cos d’Estournel is in charge of the production of which wine from Shangri-La?
Ao Yun
31 When was the Douro region demarcated and by whom?
1756 - Marquis de Pombal
32 In the popular French Police tv series Braquo which vintage of which famous Bordeaux wine did Eddy serve to Walter on his boat after rescuing him from gangsters.
Lynch Bages 1995
33 Which Californian winery was recently purchased by the owners of a famous Bordeaux Chateau from the estate of a late American actor.
Villa Sorriso (owned by Robin Williams) was bought by the owners of Chateau Pontet Canet
34 Bart and Daphne’s former Californian Estate was recently renamed by the new owner. What was the old name and what is the new name?
Araujo Estate, Eisele Vineyard Estate
35 Farr Vintners most recent recruit used to work for which UK high street retailer?
Primark, Ben Browett
36 What is the approximate value of Customer Reserves stored by Farr Vintners? £36m, £136m or £360m?
37 Which Farr Vintners employee joined the company from Trapps Cellars?
Richard Sparkes.
38 In what year was Farr Vintners founded?
39 Which Director of Farr Vintners used to head Christie’s Wine Department in London?
Tom Hudson
40 Name the 3 roads or streets in which Farr Vintners’ London offices were based in the 30 years before moving to Juniper Drive.
Queenstown Road, Sussex Street, Tachbook Street.
41 In which film does a police chief offer his guests Veuve Clicquot '26?
42 In which film does a character drink a Moscatel - from Idaho - and how much does it cost?
Muppet Movie 95 cents
43 Everyone knows Hannibal Lecter ate a human liver with a 'nice Chianti', but what was the wine he drank it with in the original Thomas Harris novel?
A Big Amarone
44 In whose cellar, and in which movie, would you find bottles of Uranium ore?
Alex Sebastian, Notorious
45 In which Michael Douglas film was his character offered a Pahlmeyer Chardonnay?
46 Which Parisian chef served her guests Clos Vougeot 1845 and Veuve Clicquot 1860, and where was her first restaurant?
Babette Hersant - Café Anglais, Paris
47 Edwardian spiritualism and a Hungarian wine join hands in which movie?
Dean Spanley
48 What links the 1976 'Judgement of Paris' and the first 'Die Hard' movie?
Allan Rickman
49 In which film does a man die from immersion in a butt of Chambertin '64?
Theatre of Blood (1973) with Vincent Price (based on Richard III)
50 Anthony Hopkins, in the title role of 'Hitchcock', lolls in his bath drinking which red wine?
Cheval Blanc