Thank You to everyone who took part in the Farr Vintners Christmas Quiz. We hope that you all enjoyed it. Once again we were amazed by the knowledge of our customers! Every question was answered correctly by at least one entrant, but nobody managed to get all 50 of them.

Commiserations to Maurice Goddard (46/50), David Stuart, Bruno Rovani and David Sheldon (47/50) and Jackie Ang (48/50) who all came very close, but our joint winners this year are Joss Fowler, Charlie Matthews and Alexander Dupont. They all scored 49/50 and were all stumped by our question about the first vintage (1951) of Penfold’s Grange Hermitage which was originally released as “Bin 1”. The three winners will share a case of Kumeu River Chardonnay (4 bottles each).

1 In 2017 who announced that he was leaving the Wine Advocate to join a former colleague?
Neal Martin
2 In 2017 which French company bought a 40% stake in The Wine Advocate?
3 In 2017 which popular singer announced plans to release a wine called "Grigio Girls"
Lady Gaga
4 In 2017 who narrated a programme on BBC Radio 4 about a controversial vintage of a First Growth Saint Emilion?
Jancis Robinson
5 In 2017 who celebrated his 90th birthday with Lafite 1959 and 1870?
Michael Broadbent
6 In 2017 which former England footballer cycled the tours of Italy, France and Spain to raise money for Cure Leukaemia – sponsored by Farr Vintners?
Geoff Thomas
7 In 2017 Which Farr Vintners director rode 4 stages of the Tour de France?
Oliver East
8 In 2017 who, from Farr Vintners, passed both parts of the Master of Wine exam at the first attempt?
Thomas Parker
9 In 2017 which London restaurant was opened by the former sommelier of Chez Bruce and The River Café?
10 In 2017 at which Chateau in Bordeaux did Ben Browett work during the harvest?
Brane Cantenac
11 Which Pessac-Leognan Chateau announced that it would produce no wine in 2017?
de Fieuzal
12 Which Bordeaux vineyard owner recently added a Beech tree to his Yew and Pine?
Jacques Thienpont
13 Kumeu River Winery have recently launched a sparkling wine. What is it called and what closure method is used?
Kumeu Cremant, crown caps
14 Which Central Otago vineyard owner appeared in "Peaky Blinders"?
Sam Neill
15 Which former Police man owns a vineyard in Tuscany?
16 What links Mouton Rothschild 2015, 1989 and 1980?
Labels by German-born artists
17 Who is travelling from Cos d’Estournel to Lafite via Cloudy Bay?
Jean-Guillaume Prats
18 Octavian Vaults has the same floor space as how many football pitches?
27 will accept 20
19 Which former World number One golfer owns a vineyard in Stellenbosch?
Ernie Els
20 Alfonso Chadwick of Errazuriz once captained Chile at which sport?
21 Which French first division football team now has an ownership connection with Clos de Tart?
22 Which English Premier League football team now has an ownership connection with Domaine Bonneau du Martray?
23 Which former French footballer with 52 international caps owns a vineyard in Cassis?
Jean Tigana
24 Which Bordeaux producer used to own a Magdelaine and has recently bought a Madeleine?
Ets Jean-Pierre Moueix
25 Name 4 Saint Emilion Chateaux bought by the Wertheimer brothers of Chanel.
Canon, Berliquet, Matras, Curé Bon
26 Which of the above Chateaux used to make a special cuvée with the same name as a Rhône appellation?
Chateau Matras – l’Hermitage
27 The 2017 release of Vega Sicilia’s Reserva Especial is a blend of which 3 vintages?
2003, 2004 and 2006
28 Which Burgundy Domaine was originally created from the vineyard of the former Domaine Marcel Graillet?
Domaine Dujac
29 Which Burgundy Domaine was originally created from the vineyards of Charles Noellat and Philippe Remy?
Domaine Leroy
30 Which Burgundy Domaine’s vineyard did DRC purchase in 1988 having managed it for many years previously?
Domaine Marey-Monge
31 In Burgundy, who married Marcelle Rouget in 1942?
Henri Jayer
32 And whose daughter, Colette, married Jean Boillot?
Etienne Sauzet
33 In 2014 Domaine Guffens made a wine called CCP – a blend of grapes from which two vineyards?
Les Combes and Clos des Poncetys
34 Which famous Rhône producer’s main vineyard holdings were inherited from his father-in-law Albert and his uncle Marius?
Rene Rostaing
35 Which famous Condrieu’s first vintage was 1994?
La Doriane from Guigal
36 Chateau Saint Colombe in the Côtes de Castillon ceased production in 2008. The wine now appears under which label?
L’Esprit de Pavie
37 Which Pomerol Chateau, that shares its name with a New Zealand winery, made its last vintage in 2012?
38 Chateau Cheval Blanc now make a white wine from vines they planted following their purchase of which neighbouring vineyard?
La Tour du Pin Figeac (Moueix)
39 Louis Mitjavile of Le Tertre Roteboeuf is now making wine at Chateau Alverne in St Emilion. Where else in France is he working with the same proprietor?
40 What was the first vintage to be produced of Côte Rôtie La Mouline?
41 What was the first vintage to be produced of "Y" Ygrec d’Yquem?
42 What was the first vintage to be produced of Dom Perignon Rosé?
43 The first vintage of Penfold’s Grange was 1951. But under what name was it originally called?
Bin 1
44 Robert Parker said this about which wine “The most memorable Gewurztraminer I have ever tasted. It has a presence in the glass that only a few Grand Cru Burgundies possess. 100 points”
Clos Windsbuhl 1989 Zind-Humbrecht
45 Which famous writer said this about Robert Parker - "The bugger’s always right"
Roald Dahl
46 Which wine is Michael Broadbent describing? "Not a thruster, not a show-off, a wine of exquisite charm and finesse"
Lafite 1953
47 “Astonishingly youthful, it could almost pass as a barrel sample” Which wine from the 1940’s was James Suckling describing in 1989?
Fonseca 1948
48 In which famous 1970’s film does the main character taste a 1960 Saint Estephe in a memorable scene
A Clockwork Orange
49 Cary Grant smashed what vintage of Pommard in a Hitchcock film?
50 Which Pinot Noir did Elizabeth Moss drink on screen in a 2013 TV series?
Two Paddocks