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Christmas Quiz 2018

As is now traditional in the festive period, we are pleased to present our annual Farr Vintners Christmas Quiz. Every year we try and make it fiendishly difficult but we still seem to find many of our brainy customers scoring nearly full marks. This year we hope that some questions are quite easy but a few might have you stumped.

The Quiz will run until Wednesday 2nd of January when the answers will be revealed and the winner announced. He/she will receive a case of Farr Vintners Pauillac with our compliments and, more importantly, the glory of being this year’s Farr Vintners Quiz Champion. As usual, it is possible to save your answers by clicking "save" at the bottom of the quiz, and then edit them at any time until the deadline. Please remember that you need to be logged in to enter.

Good Luck!

1 In October 2018 what wine became the most expensive ever sold at auction when it reached 558,000 US Dollars per bottle?
2 In November 2018 who bought a bottle of Petrus 1982 in a London restaurant for £9000 but didn’t finish it?
3 Which was the first wine in space?
4 What are 3 names for a bottle that is 3 times the size of a regular sized bottle?
5 Add the contents of a Methuselah to a Salmanazar and what biblical name do you get?
6 Who painted the first Mouton Rothschild “artist’s label”?
7 What links Mouton Rothschild 1959, 1975 and 1982?
8 What is the relationship of the artist of the 2004 Mouton Rothschild label to the subject of the 1977 label?
9 Which famous wine taster is now making sparkling wine in Dorset?
10 Which famous wine taster launched their own wine glass in 2018?
11 What is the Appellation of the only French wine sold by Farr Vintners that is not produced in Mainland France?
12 What is the only wine currently listed by Farr Vintners to have a glass stopper instead of a cork?
13 Which appellation is the only wine sold with a Farr Vintners label?
14 Which appellation is the Crystal Palace FC house wine – Eagle Red?
15 Which wine received the highest score at the latest “Southwold Group” ?
16 Which Ridley Scott film stars Russell Crowe as a vineyard owner in France?
17 In April 1963 Ian Fleming wrote to Claude Taittinger thanking him for sending which vintage of Comte de Champagne Blanc de Blancs to James Bond?
18 In the James Bond film Goldfinger which vintage of which Bordeaux Chateau does Bond drink?
19 In the film “The Spy who Loved me” which Champagne does James Bond use as a weapon to hit the character “Jaws” on the head?
20 In the recent Batman vs Superman film, Batman (as Bruce Wayne) drinks which vintage of which First Growth Bordeaux?
21 Which Bordeaux Chateau’s second wine used to be called Sillage?
22 Which links these Bordeaux Chateaux - La Tour Haut Brion, Magdelaine, Tertre Daugay?
23 Which Burgundy Domaine was run from 1920 by Hippolyte then his son Jean-Marie and then his son Laurent until Rose-Marie took over in 2017?
24 Which two producers make wine from Cros Parantoux?
25 In what year did Domaine de la Romanée Conti amalgamate a neighbouring vineyard into La Tache? And what was the vineyard?
26 Which Domaine has the biggest holding of Montrachet?
27 Which Domaine has the biggest holding of Chevalier Montrachet?
28 Which Domaine has the biggest holding of Batard Montrachet?
29 Which Domaine leased a 2.8 hectare plot of which Grand Cru White Burgundy in 2018 from which other producer?
30 What’s the only wine from the Maconnais ever to receive 100 points in the Wine Advocate?
31 Who, in 2018, was the 442nd person ever to pass the Master of Wine exam becoming the world’s youngest MW?
32 Who is the longest-serving Master of Wine?
33 In what year did he pass the MW exam?
34 Which MW used to be his son-in-law?
35 Which MW who used to head Sotheby’s wine department passed the exam in 1958?
36 Which MW who used to head Christie’s wine department passed the exam in 1960?
37 Which MW who passed the exam in 1962 is married to which MW who passed it in 1976?
38 Which MW who passed the exam in 1994 is married to which Bordeaux Chateau proprietor?
39 Who was the first New Zealander to pass the MW exam and when?
40 Which former employer of Stephen Browett passed the MW exam in 1984 (the same year as Jancis Robinson) and resigned in 2003?
41 The owner of which Bordeaux chateau bought an expensive Tart in 2018?
42 What is the name of Domaine JL Chave’s new single vineyard Saint Joseph?
43 What is the link between Domaines de Vallouit, Grippat and Bonserine?
44 Following the purchase of the vines of Domaine Vidal-Fleury in 1984, which wine was first produced by the new owner in 1985?
45 Which Rhone Valley legend sadly died in July 2018?
46 Which British wine writer is part-owner of which famous Cornas vineyard and rents it to the former owner’s nephew? Name all 3 people and the vineyard
47 Which famous Northern Rhone family Domaine has recently been split into 2 separate producers by the brothers who own it?
48 Which Rhône producer makes a wine that has a connection to a large shirt size?
49 “Undoubtedly my favourite claret vintage” wrote Michael Broadbent. Which year?
50 Which vintage of which wine did Michael Broadbent describe as being “like leather in silken sheets”?