Hong Kong Delivery Charges

Making sure wines are handled correctly during shipping is incredibly important and, at Farr Vintners, we have invested a huge amount of time and effort to ensure that we only ship wines in the very best possible conditions. Shipping to Asia has some added complications, but, before we offered our air freight service (which started in the late 1990s), we ensured that systems were in place to make sure your precious bottles arrive safe and sound with as little stress as possible.

When wines are shipped by Farr Vintners to Hong Kong you can rest assured your wines will be guaranteed the following:

With this peace of mind we look forward to assisting our customers in Hong Kong to ensure their cellars are kept well stocked!

We are pleased to offer a regular air-freight delivery service from London to Hong Kong. The freight charge includes onward delivery in our own temperature controlled vehicle to a single delivery address in Hong Kong. Please note that this does not cover onward delivery to any port, terminal or airport in Hong Kong. Additional charges will apply for this if requested.

Charges are as follows:

Please note:

Please contact our Hong Kong office directly for further details.