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South Africa

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
South AfricaM.V.Hamilton Russell Vertical Limited Edition with Artists Labels, Hamilton Russell Vineyards

Contains 1 bottle each Pinot Noir 2015, 2016 & 2017, Chardonnay 2015, 2016 & 2017

BT66 \ 036225.006 3650Hamilton Russell Vertical Limited Edition with Artists Labels0.750
South Africa2020Pinot Noir Peter Max, Crystallum WinesBT5 \ 060198.0012 6022Pinot Noir Peter Max, Crystallum0.7510
South Africa2020Pinot Noir, Hamilton Russell VineyardsBT3 \ 036280.0012 3631.111110666667Pinot Noir, Hamilton Russell0.7510
South Africa2020Syrah, Lismore Estate VineyardsBT2 \ 630320.0012 3035.555554666667Syrah, Lismore0.7510
South Africa2019Chocolate Block, BoekenhoutskloofBT6 \ 678175.001292 TA7819.44444492.0092.00Chocolate Block, Boekenhoutskloof0.7510
South Africa2018Cabernet Sauvignon Franschhoek, BoekenhoutskloofBT3 \ 036318.001295 TA3635.33333333333395.0095.00Cabernet Sauvignon Franschhoek, Boekenhoutskloof0.7510
South Africa2018Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch, BoekenhoutskloofBT5 \ 060318.001296 TA6035.33333333333396.0096.00Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch, Boekenhoutskloof0.7510
South Africa2018Chardonnay Clonal Selection, Kershaw NewBT3 \ 036350.001293 NM3638.88888893.0093.00Chardonnay Clonal Selection, Kershaw0.7510
South Africa2018Syrah, BoekenhoutskloofBT4 \ 654318.001297 TA5435.33333333333397.0097.00Syrah, Boekenhoutskloof0.7510
South Africa2017AnwilkaBT6 \ 072232.001294 NM7225.77777733333394.0094.00Anwilka0.7510
South Africa2017Granite Syrah, Mullineux & Leeu Family WinesBT5 \ 060630.001292 NM607092.0092.00Granite Syrah, Mullineux0.7510
South Africa2017Schist Syrah, Mullineux & Leeu Family WinesBT5 \ 060630.001293 NM607093.0093.00Schist Syrah, Mullineux0.7510
South Africa2017Signature Syrah, Mullineux & Leeu Family WinesBT8 \ 096225.001291 NM962591.0091.00Signature Syrah, Mullineux0.7510
South Africa2017Syrah Clonal Selection, Kershaw NewBT3 \ 036340.001294 NM3637.77777733333394.0094.00Syrah Clonal Selection, Kershaw0.7510
South Africa2017Syrah on Sandstone, GabrielskloofBT3 \ 036240.0012 3626.666666666667Syrah on Sandstone, Gabrielskloof0.7510
South Africa2017Trilogy, Warwick EstateBT3 \ 036220.0012 3624.444442666667Trilogy, Warwick Estate0.7510
South Africa2016AnwilkaBT3 \ 036228.001291+ AM3625.33333333333391.1091.10Anwilka0.7510
South Africa2015Eisen & Viljoen, Normandie 1693BT8 \ 096500.0012 9655.555554666667Eisen & Viljoen, Normandie0.7510
South Africa2014Eisen & Viljoen, Normandie 1693BT2 \ 024440.0012 2448.888888Eisen & Viljoen, Normandie0.7510
South Africa2011Rall RedBT1 \ 012240.0012 1226.666666666667Rall Red0.7510
South Africa2011Trilogy, Warwick EstateBT3 \ 036285.0012 3631.666666666667Trilogy, Warwick Estate0.7510
South Africa2010Trilogy, Warwick EstateBT3 \ 036295.001291 NM3632.77777691.0091.00Trilogy, Warwick Estate0.7510
South Africa2020Chardonnay Reserve, Lismore Estate VineyardsBT2 \ 630395.0012 3043.888889333333Chardonnay Reserve, Lismore0.7530
South Africa2020Chardonnay The Agnes, Crystallum WinesBT3 \ 036180.0012 3620Chardonnay The Agnes, Crystallum0.7530
South Africa2020Chardonnay, Hamilton Russell VineyardsBT11 \ 0 132260.0012 13228.888888Chardonnay, Hamilton Russell0.7530
South Africa2019Signature Old Vines White Blend, Mullineux & Leeu Family WinesBT10 \ 0 120195.001295 TA12021.66666666666795.0095.00Signature Old Vines White Blend, Mullineux0.7530
South Africa2018Granite Chenin Blanc, Mullineux & Leeu Family WinesBT3 \ 036400.001291+ NM3644.44444491.1091.10Granite Chenin Blanc, Mullineux0.7530
South Africa2018Palladius, The Sadie Family WinesDM55350.00bt 5116.66666666667Palladius, Sadie Family330
South Africa2017Palladius, The Sadie Family WinesMG0 \ 11150.00bt 1100Palladius, Sadie Family1.530
South Africa2018Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia

6 bottle minimum order

509 \ 6114492.001298 JS1148298.0098.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia0.540
South Africa2018Vin de Constance, Klein ConstantiaMG3 \ 018810.00698 JS189098.0098.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
South Africa2017Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia506 \ 072468.001297 JS727897.0097.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia0.540
South Africa2017Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia New

3 bottle minimum order

MG2 \ 315774.00697 JS158697.0097.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
South Africa2016Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia505 \ 060468.001297 NM607897.0097.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia0.540
South Africa2016Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia

3 bottle minimum order

MG3 \ 321774.00697 NM218697.0097.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
South Africa2015Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia505 \ 666450.001298 TA667598.0098.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia0.540
South Africa2014Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia503 \ 036530.001296 TA3688.33333496.0096.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia0.540
South Africa2013Vin de Constance, Klein ConstantiaMG3 \ 321930.00696 NM21103.3333333333396.0096.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
South Africa2012Vin de Constance, Klein ConstantiaMG3 \ 3211,050.00697 TA21116.6666666666797.0097.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
South Africa2011Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia

3 bottle minimum order

MG3 \ 321950.00693 NM21105.55555293.0093.00Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia1.540
Wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
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