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Hawkes Bay

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
New Zealand2021Gamay Noir, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 036145.0012 3616.111110666667Gamay Noir, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2020Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 642600.001298 BC4266.66666666666798.0098.00Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2019Cabernet Merlot Awatea, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 036220.0012 3624.444444Cabernet Merlot Awatea, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2019Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 642540.001298 BC426098.0098.00Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2019Pinot Noir Rays Road, Kumeu RiverBT7 \ 084190.0012 8421.111110666667Pinot Noir Rays Road, Kumeu River0.7510
New Zealand2019Le Sol Syrah, Craggy Range

6 bottle minimum order

BT4 \ 654540.001296 RG546096.0096.00Syrah Le Sol, Craggy Range0.7510
New Zealand2018Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 642520.001294 JC4257.77777694.0094.00Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2017Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata EstateBT3 \ 642520.001295+ GW4257.77777695.1095.10Cabernet Merlot Coleraine, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2017Homage Syrah, Trinity Hill NewBT2 \ 630770.001298 JS3085.55555298.0098.00Syrah Homage, Trinity Hill0.7510
New Zealand2016Homage Syrah, Trinity Hill NewMG2 \ 012950.00697 BC12105.55555297.0097.00Syrah Homage, Trinity Hill1.510
New Zealand2015Sophia, Craggy RangeBT0 \ 66480.001297 BC653.33333333333397.0097.00Sophia, Craggy Range0.7510
New Zealand2015Homage Syrah, Trinity Hill NewBT0 \ 66700.001298 BC677.77777733333398.0098.00Syrah Homage, Trinity Hill0.7510
New Zealand2013Sophia, Craggy Range New

New Release - available late 2015

BT1 \ 012400.001293+ LPB1244.44444493.1093.10Sophia, Craggy Range0.7510
New Zealand2013Homage Syrah, Trinity Hill NewBT0 \ 66770.001297 JS685.55555466666797.0097.00Syrah Homage, Trinity Hill0.7510
New Zealand2012Cabernet Merlot Awatea, Te Mata EstateBT1 \ 012200.0012 1222.222221333333Cabernet Merlot Awatea, Te Mata0.7510
New Zealand2021Chardonnay Rays Road, Kumeu RiverBT32 \ 0 384175.001293+ TP38419.44444493.1093.10Chardonnay Rays Road, Kumeu River0.7530
New Zealand2020Keltern Chardonnay, Villa Maria Estate

6 bottle minimum order

BT11 \ 0 132290.001295 RG13232.22222133333395.0095.00Chardonnay Keltern, Villa Maria0.7530
New Zealand2020Chardonnay Rays Road, Kumeu RiverBT3 \ 036180.001293 FV362093.0093.00Chardonnay Rays Road, Kumeu River0.7530
New Zealand2018Marsanne/Viognier Gimblett Gravels, Trinity Hill NewBT3 \ 036180.0012 3620Marsanne/Viognier Gimblett Gravels, Trinity Hill0.7530
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