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Monkey 47, Schwarzwald

When Wing Commander Montgomery Collins began distilling fruit at his Wild Monkey guesthouse in the Black Forest, Germany in the '50s, he couldn't have imagined what he was starting. The area was already well known for distillation and its abundance of natural resources, so it seemed logical to create a gin using a special recipe of 47 of the region's finest natural ingredients. Robert Parker often tweets about how this is, in his opinion, the greatest gin ever made!

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GinMonkey 47 Gin Distillers Cut, Monkey 47, Schwarzwald

47%, 2021 release

50/122140.00bt280Monkey 47 Gin Distillers Cut, Schwarzwald0.5
GinMonkey 47 Gin, Monkey 47, Schwarzwald50/1111137.00bt74Monkey 47 Gin, Schwarzwald0.5

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