Zalto Wine Glasses

Zalto Decanters


Following the great success of our first Zalto offer in March 2016, we are delighted to be able to offer this exceptional range of glasses and decanters again.

We very rarely send an offer on anything other than wine, but occasionally an opportunity comes along that we feel obliged to share with you. We believe Zalto glasses to be the best out there, both from an aesthetic and a practical point-of-view.

Zalto glasses are hand-blown by an Austrian team that is dedicated to their skill. Technical perfection is their objective and the glasses in this Denk’Art range really have to be seen to be believed. They are so light that you’d imagine they could not withstand regular use, but you would be wrong. Despite being thin and feather-light in weight, these glasses are robust enough to be dishwasher proof, are resistant to clouding and can be used on a daily basis, rather than just for special occasions. To watch the fascinating production process, please have a look at this video from Zalto.

We invested in Zalto glasses ourselves for our new offices and we are delighted with them so this offer also comes with a personal recommendation from Farr Vintners.

Please email us for prices and availability.