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Les Forts de Latour

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux2015Les Forts de LatourHV6 \ 01441,850.002493 NM144205.5555693.0093.00Forts de Latour0.37510
Bordeaux2015Les Forts de LatourDM11700.00bt93 NM1233.3333333333393.0093.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2015Les Forts de LatourIM111,400.00bt93 NM1233.3333333333393.0093.00Forts de Latour610
Bordeaux2014Les Forts de LatourHV1 \ 0241,680.002493 NM24186.6666666666793.0093.00Forts de Latour0.37510
Bordeaux2014Les Forts de LatourBT20 \ 0 2401,680.001293 NM240186.6666666666793.0093.00Forts de Latour0.7510
Bordeaux2014Les Forts de LatourMG1 \ 061,680.00693 NM6186.6666666666793.0093.00Forts de Latour1.510
Bordeaux2013Les Forts de LatourIM221,350.00bt87/88 RP222588.0087.00Forts de Latour610
Bordeaux2012Les Forts de LatourHV1 \ 0241,850.002490 RP24205.5555546666790.0090.00Forts de Latour0.37510
Bordeaux2009Les Forts de LatourBT0 \ 662,000.001295 RP6222.2222213333395.0095.00Forts de Latour0.7510
Bordeaux2009Les Forts de LatourDM11890.00bt95 RP1296.6666666666795.0095.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2008Les Forts de LatourDM33795.00bt91 RP326591.0091.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2007Les Forts de LatourIM111,600.00bt90 RP1266.6666666666790.0090.00Forts de Latour610
Bordeaux2005Les Forts de Latour

Ex Chateau

MG1 \ 062,100.00693 RP6233.3333333333393.0093.00Forts de Latour1.510
Bordeaux2005Les Forts de LatourDM31 \ 032,250.00393 RP325093.0093.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2004Les Forts de Latour

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

IM111,480.00bt90 RP1246.6666666666790.0090.00Forts de Latour610
Bordeaux2002Les Forts de LatourDM33795.00bt92 RP326592.0092.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2002Les Forts de Latour

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

DM22750.00bt92 RP225092.0092.00Forts de Latour310
Bordeaux2000Les Forts de LatourBT5 \ 0602,250.001292 RP6025092.0092.00Forts de Latour0.7510
Bordeaux1990Les Forts de LatourBT2 \ 0242,800.001290 RP24311.1111106666790.0090.00Forts de Latour0.7510
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