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U.S.A. 2018

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts Price IB GBP Per Score
U.S.A.2018Cabernet Sauvignon, Scarecrow

3 bottle minimum order

BT137,200.001298 LPB1580098.0098.00Cabernet Sauvignon, Scarecrow0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay Charles Heintz Vineyard, Ceritas WinesBT10480.001294+ EB1253.33333333333394.1094.10Chardonnay Charles Heintz, Ceritas0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay Napa Valley, Far Niente WineryBT30560.0012 3662.222221333333Chardonnay Napa Valley, Far Niente0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay Peter Martin Ray Vineyard, Ceritas WinesBT30520.001293 AG3657.77777733333393.0093.00Chardonnay Peter Martin Ray, Ceritas0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay Trout Gulch Vineyard, Ceritas WinesBT10480.001293+ AG1253.33333333333393.1093.10Chardonnay Trout Gulch, Ceritas0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay Zephyr Vineyard, Ceritas WinesBT10520.001294 AG1257.77777733333394.0094.00Chardonnay Zephyr, Ceritas0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay, Kutch

6 bottle minimum order

BT206350.001292/94 AG24638.88888894.0092.00Chardonnay, Kutch0.75
U.S.A.2018Chardonnay, Mayacamas Vineyards

Physically available in April 2021

BT50450.001294 JS605094.0094.00Chardonnay, Mayacamas0.75
U.S.A.2018Continuum, Tim Mondavi - Continuum EstateBT262,600.0012 30288.88889466667Continuum, Mondavi, Tim0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Bohan Vineyard, Kutch

6 bottle minimum order

BT56425.001292 AG6647.22222133333392.0092.00Pinot Noir Bohan, Kutch0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Falstaff Vineyard, Kutch

6 bottle minimum order

BT40445.001294 AG4849.44444494.0094.00Pinot Noir Falstaff, Kutch0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Freestone OccidentalBT40650.00
1295+ EB4865.55555466666795.1095.10Pinot Noir Freestone Occidental0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir McDougall Ranch, Kutch

6 bottle minimum order

BT86445.001294 AG10249.44444494.0094.00Pinot Noir McDougall Ranch, Kutch0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Oppenlander, Halcon VineyardsBT20295.001292 AG2432.77777733333392.0092.00Pinot Noir Oppenlander, Halcon0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Signal Ridge Vineyard, Kutch

1 case minimum order

BT58425.001293 AG6847.22222133333393.0093.00Pinot Noir Signal Ridge, Kutch0.75
U.S.A.2018Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, Kutch

1 case minimum order

BT40360.001292 AG484092.0092.00Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast, Kutch0.75
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