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U.S.A. 2017

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts Price IB GBP Per Score
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon (Non Estate), Château MontelenaBT30445.0012 3649.444442666667Cabernet Sauvignon (Non Estate), Montelena0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon Artemis, Stag's Leap Wine CellarsBT30480.0012 3653.333333333333Cabernet Sauvignon Artemis, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon Cask 23, Stag's Leap Wine CellarsBT302,450.001293/95+ LPB36272.22222895.1093.00Cabernet Sauvignon Cask 23, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon Fay, Stag's Leap Wine CellarsBT301,165.001292/94 LPB36129.4444466666794.0092.00Cabernet Sauvignon Fay, Stag's Leap Wine Cellars0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Far Niente WineryBT301,480.0012 36164.444444Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Far Niente0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon S. L. V., Stag's Leap Wine CellarsBT301,275.001293/95 LPB36141.6666666666795.0093.00Cabernet Sauvignon S. L. V., Stag's Leap Wine Cellars0.75
U.S.A.2017Cabernet Sauvignon, Spottswoode Estate

6 bottle minimum order

BT262,100.001297+ LPB30233.3333333333397.1097.10Cabernet Sauvignon, Spottswoode0.75
U.S.A.2017Chardonnay Napa Valley, Château Montelena NewBT30395.0012 3643.888888Chardonnay Napa Valley, Montelena0.75
U.S.A.2017Chardonnay Napa Valley, Château MontelenaMG20450.006 1250Chardonnay Napa Valley, Montelena1.5
U.S.A.2017Chardonnay Seascape Vineyard, Hartford Family WineryBT06720.001296+ LPB68096.1096.10Chardonnay Seascape Vineyard, Hartford Court0.75
U.S.A.2017Chardonnay Unfiltered, Newton VineyardBT50370.0012 6041.111110666667Chardonnay Unfiltered, Newton0.75
U.S.A.2017Continuum, Tim Mondavi - Continuum EstateBT502,250.001297+ LPB6025097.1097.10Continuum, Mondavi, Tim0.75
U.S.A.2017Continuum, Tim Mondavi - Continuum EstateMG102,500.00697+ LPB6277.7777773333397.1097.10Continuum, Mondavi, Tim1.5
U.S.A.2017Dominus, Christian Moueix - Dominus Estate

6 bottle minimum order

BT162,100.001298+ AG18233.3333333333398.1098.10Dominus, Moueix, Christian0.75
U.S.A.2017Insignia, Joseph Phelps VineyardsBT261,920.001295/97 JD30213.3333333333397.0095.00Insignia, Phelps0.75
U.S.A.2017Opus OneBT1502,740.001295+ AG180304.44444495.1095.10Opus One0.75
U.S.A.2017Pinot Noir Freestone OccidentalBT50660.00
1293+ EB6066.11110933333393.1093.10Pinot Noir Freestone Occidental0.75
U.S.A.2017Pinot Noir Jensen Vineyard, Calera Wine CompanyBT30880.001299 JD3697.77777733333399.0099.00Pinot Noir Jensen Vineyard, Calera0.75
U.S.A.2017Proprietary Red Maya, Dalla Valle VineyardsBT104,080.001297+ LPB12453.3333333333397.1097.10Proprietary Red Maya, Dalla Valle0.75
U.S.A.2017Rubicon, Inglenook WineryBT261,440.001295 JS3016095.0095.00Rubicon, Inglenook0.75
U.S.A.2017The Pearl, San Lorenzo - Journeyman WinesBT26480.001293 TF3053.33333333333393.0093.00The Pearl, San Lorenzo0.75
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