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Château Smith Haut Lafitte

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux2019Smith Haut Lafitte BlancBT40949.001294/96 NM48105.44444496.0094.00Smith Haut Lafitte Blanc0.75
Bordeaux2019Smith Haut LafitteBT60816.001296/98 NM7290.66666666666798.0096.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux2019Smith Haut LafitteDM-1307.00bt96/98 NM1102.3333333333398.0096.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge3
Bordeaux2018Smith Haut LafitteBT20978.001294/96 NM24108.6666666666796.0094.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux2016Les Hauts de Smith

UK Sales Only

HV760250.002490 NM182427.77777690.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge0.375
Bordeaux2016Les Hauts de Smith

UK Sales Only

BT1620240.001290 NM194426.66666666666790.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge0.75
Bordeaux2016Les Hauts de Smith

UK Sales Only

MG320250.00690 NM19227.77777890.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge1.5
Bordeaux2016Les Hauts de Smith

UK Sales Only

DM-24120.00bt90 NM244090.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge3
Bordeaux2016Les Hauts de Smith

UK Sales Only

IM-9220.00bt90 NM936.66666666666790.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge6
Bordeaux2014Smith Haut LafitteBT30635.001296 JS3670.55555296.0096.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux2009Smith Haut LafitteDM-3900.00bt100 RP3300100.00100.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge3
Bordeaux2009Smith Haut Lafitte New

Ex Chateau, 2021 Release

DM-1950.00bt100 RP1316.66666666667100.00100.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge3
Bordeaux2005Les Hauts de SmithBT100400.001290 JS12044.44444490.0090.00Hauts de Smith Rouge0.75
Bordeaux2003Smith Haut LafitteBT10780.001291 RP1286.66666666666791.0091.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux1998Smith Haut LafitteBT561,000.001290 RP66111.1111106666790.0090.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux1996Smith Haut LafitteBT30960.001290 RP36106.6666666666790.0090.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
Bordeaux1994Smith Haut LafitteBT10650.001288 RP1272.22222133333388.0088.00Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge0.75
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