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Dom Perignon

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Champagne1996Dom Perignon RoséBT1 \ 0126,000.001296 AG12666.6666666666796.0096.00Dom Perignon Rose0.7520
Champagne1995Dom Perignon RoséBT0 \ 665,000.001295 RP6555.5555546666795.0095.00Dom Perignon Rose0.7520
Champagne1988Dom Perignon Rose P3MG0 \ 4460,000.00696 AG46666.666666666796.0096.00Dom Perignon Rose P31.520
Champagne2012Dom Perignon NewBT20 \ 0 2402,050.001297 AG240227.7777773333397.0097.00Dom Perignon0.7530
Champagne2010Dom PerignonMG0 \ 332,200.00693 AG3244.44444493.0093.00Dom Perignon1.530
Champagne2008Dom Perignon Legacy Edition

Gift Boxes

BT7 \ 6903,000.001296 AN90333.3333333333396.0096.00Dom Perignon Legacy Edition0.7530
Champagne2003Dom PerignonMG1 \ 062,800.00695 AG6311.1111106666795.0095.00Dom Perignon1.530
Champagne2002Dom Perignon NewBT0 \ 662,700.001298 AG630098.0098.00Dom Perignon0.7530
Champagne1999Dom PerignonMG1 \ 063,150.00693 AG635093.0093.00Dom Perignon1.530
Champagne1996Dom PerignonBT2 \ 0244,000.001298 RP24444.44444498.0098.00Dom Perignon0.7530
Champagne1996Dom Perignon Oenotheque

3 bottle minimum order

BT6 \ 0726,200.0012100 JS72688.888916100.00100.00Dom Perignon Oenotheque0.7530
Champagne1990Dom PerignonBT0 \ 11500.00bt98 RP1666.6666666666798.0098.00Dom Perignon0.7530
Champagne1983Dom Perignon P3MG0 \ 229,000.00bt96 RJ2600096.0096.00Dom Perignon P31.530
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