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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Champagne2016Bollinger La Cote aux Enfants RougeBT12 \ 0 144560.0012 14462.222221333333Bollinger La Cote aux Enfants Rouge0.7510
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger Rosé NewMG7 \ 042475.00691 AM4252.77777733333391.0091.00Bollinger Rose1.520
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger RoséJB66195.00bt91 AM66591.0091.00Bollinger Rose320
Champagne2012Bollinger La Grande Année Rosé

6 bottle minimum order

BT6 \ 0721,100.001296 AG72122.2222213333396.0096.00Bollinger Grande Annee Rose0.7520
Champagne2004Bollinger La Grande Année RoséBT1 \ 0121,200.001296 AG12133.3333333333396.0096.00Bollinger Grande Annee Rose0.7520
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger Spécial CuvéeMG2 \ 012410.00692 SR1245.55555533333392.0092.00Bollinger Special Cuvee1.530
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger Spécial CuvéeJB1717155.00bt92 SR1751.66666666666792.0092.00Bollinger Special Cuvee330
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger Spécial Cuvée

Shipped 2013

JB11180.00bt92 SR16092.0092.00Bollinger Special Cuvee330
ChampagneN.V.Bollinger Special Cuvee 007 Limited EditionBT9 \ 6114395.001293 FV11443.88888893.0093.00Bollinger Special Cuvee 007 Limited Edition0.7530
ChampagneM.V.Bollinger PN VZ 16

6 bottle minimum order

BT14 \ 6 174700.001293 AG17477.77777733333393.0093.00Bollinger PN VZ 160.7530
ChampagneM.V.Bollinger PN VZ 16

3 bottle minimum order

MG3 \ 321770.00693 AG2185.55555533333393.0093.00Bollinger PN VZ 161.530
Champagne2013Bollinger B13

6 bottle minimum order

BT20 \ 6 246790.001292/94 RJ24687.77777733333394.0092.00Bollinger B130.7530
Champagne2012Bollinger La Grande Année

Ranked 10th in the Winespectator Top 100 Wines of 2020

6 bottle minimum order

BT16 \ 0 192990.001297 AN19211097.0097.00Bollinger Grande Annee0.7530
Champagne2012Bollinger La Grande Année

3 bottle minimum order

MG3 \ 3211,050.00697 AN21116.6666666666797.0097.00Bollinger Grande Annee1.530
Champagne2012Bollinger La Grande AnnéeJB22395.00bt97 AN2131.6666666666797.0097.00Bollinger Grande Annee330
Champagne2009Bollinger James Bond Limited Edition SpectreBT0 \ 33120.83bt92 SR3161.1111106666792.0092.00Bollinger James Bond Spectre0.7530
Champagne2008Bollinger La Grande AnnéeBT1 \ 0121,580.001298 RJ12175.5555546666798.0098.00Bollinger Grande Annee0.7530
Champagne2007Bollinger R.D. New

6 bottle minimum order

BT0 \ 661,500.001297 WK6166.6666666666797.0097.00Bollinger R.D.0.7530
Champagne2007Bollinger R.D. New

Disgorged 10/7/2020

MG3 \ 3211,620.00697 WK2118097.0097.00Bollinger R.D.1.530
Champagne2005Bollinger La Grande AnnéeMG3 \ 018940.00695 RJ18104.44444495.0095.00Bollinger Grande Annee1.530
Champagne2005Bollinger La Grande AnnéeJB11360.00bt95 RJ112095.0095.00Bollinger Grande Annee330
Champagne2002Bollinger R.D.MG2 \ 0122,000.00699 JS12222.22222299.0099.00Bollinger R.D.1.530
Champagne2002Bollinger R.D.JB11900.00bt99 JS130099.0099.00Bollinger R.D.330
Champagne1999Bollinger La Grande AnnéeJB22750.00bt94 BS225094.0094.00Bollinger Grande Annee330
Champagne1998Bollinger Vieilles Vignes Francaises

Wooden Gift Boxes

BT0 \ 6612,600.001293 AG6140093.0093.00Bollinger V.V.F.0.7530
Champagne1995Bollinger R.D.JB22950.00bt95 BS2316.6666666666795.0095.00Bollinger R.D.330
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