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Astobiza Gin

Astobiza is a tiny bodega in the Basque region of Spain with a very interesting sideline in gin.

The proliferation of the gin market over the past decade has been extraordinary.  Much of this is a good thing - there is more quality available than ever before – but it can also be confusing.  There is no shortage of trendy bottles, cool labels and novel brand names.

At Farr Vintners we know that quality is about what is inside the bottle rather than what is on the outside of it, and when we first tasted this gin we were sold.

This is about as an artisanal and genuine product as you can find.  Juniper berries are from the Ayala Valley, where Astobiza is to be found.  Six of the eleven botanicals (flowers, tendrils, vine leaves, grapes, sloes and blackberries) come from the vineyards; two from the winery itself (grape must and the “essence of the harvest” – essentially the CO2 from the fermentation) and the final three – lemons, grapefruit and strawberries - are all from the surrounding villages.  These are infused at Basque Moonshiners, a micro-distillery which can trace its story back to the Spanish Civil War.

The result is very special.  This is a particularly clean and zesty style of gin, with a refreshing, clean and grassy finish.  Above all, it is the purity that impressed us - this is a gin for those that look for purity, cleanliness and balance.

At £35 per bottle including duty and VAT, we think that this is a brilliant gin at a great price.  Our minimum order for the gin alone is six bottles, or we can tag a bottle or two on to your wine order.

Astobiza Dry Gin