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Calon Ségur

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Qty Units Price IB GBP Per Score
Bordeaux2020Calon SégurBT2 \ 0241,020.001292/94 NM24113.3333333333394.0092.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2019Calon SégurBT1 \ 012950.001295/97 NM12105.5555546666797.0095.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2018Calon SégurBT3 \ 6421,150.001299 JD42127.7777773333399.0099.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2008Calon SégurBT2 \ 024900.001290 RP2410090.0090.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2007Calon SégurDM33380.00bt87 NM3126.6666666666787.0087.00Calon Segur310
Bordeaux2006Calon SégurBT1 \ 012900.001291 RP1210091.0091.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2004Calon SégurBT1 \ 012850.001289 RP1294.44444489.0089.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2003Calon SégurBT10 \ 0 1201,025.001293 RP120113.88888893.0093.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux2000Calon SégurDM22450.00bt94 NM215094.0094.00Calon Segur310
Bordeaux2000Calon SégurIM111,025.00bt94 NM1170.8333333333394.0094.00Calon Segur610
Bordeaux1996Calon Ségur NewBT1 \ 2141,150.001292 RP14127.7777773333392.0092.00Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux1996Calon Ségur

Ex Chateau

DM1515510.00bt92 RP1517092.0092.00Calon Segur310
Bordeaux1982Calon Ségur

OWC, levels 6 base neck, 1 very top shoulder, 5 top shoulder, labels very slightly stained

BT1 \ 0122,800.00
1294+ RP12288.88888894.1094.10Calon Segur0.7510
Bordeaux1982Calon Ségur

OWC, levels 3 base neck, 2 very top shoulder, 1 just below top shoulder, very good labels, 1 very slightly torn at base

MG1 \ 062,850.00
694+ RP6288.8888886666794.1094.10Calon Segur1.510
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