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In 1765 Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer fighting for Louis XV, founded a Cognac distillery. Soon, he was exporting to America and the Hennessy brand was born. Over the coming years, Kings, Queens and Tsars became famous customers and demand soared. Today, Hennessy is recognised as one of the world's leading spirit brands and their top Cognacs can fetch princely sums of money.

Category Vint. Name Size Qty Units Price
CognacHennessy ParadisMG1661,375.00bt916.66666666667Hennessy Paradis1.5
CognacHennessy Paradis70/11515720.00bt1028.5714285714Hennessy Paradis0.7
CognacHennessy Paradis Imperial70/1331,725.00bt2464.2857142857Hennessy Paradis Imperial0.7
CognacHennessy XO150/133250.00bt166.66666666667Hennessy XO1.5
CognacHennessy XO701 \ 6181,190.0012141.66666285714Hennessy XO0.7

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