Louis Jadot - The 2016 New Releases

The new, eagerly anticipated vintage of Louis Jadot’s wines is now available to buy. 2016 is a very high quality but low quantity vintage, leading to restricted allocations on many of the top wines. The quality across the diverse Jadot range is impressive, and given the quantity restriction we expect the best wines to sell out quickly.

The White Wines

2016 had a complicated growing season highlighted by a severe frost and hail in the Spring that decimated the potential crop, leading to tiny quantities for some whites in particular. Despite the early troubles, the best sites then went on to blossom through the growing season, with the top wines producing some outstanding quality - the Meursault Porusot and Corton Charlemagne particularly stand out. It is a year to follow recommendations on the top wines, but the best show superb freshness and concentration. This is not an exuberant vintage like 2015, and falls more into line with 2010 and 2014, though perhaps with less acidity and a more floral approachability than either of these vintages. As such, they will provide excellent drinking from the get-go.

The Red Wines

Reds were similarly affected by frost in 2016, though not quite to the extent of the whites. The best sites again benefited from the cooler early summer months, which allowed for slower development of aromas and flavours. Thankfully, resplendent sunshine and warm weather that started in July carried through August and September to ensure vibrant, ripe and red-fruited wines with smooth, fine tannins. Comparisons to 2010 and 2014 have again been made, though the wines are softer, more slender and more approachable than the 2010s, without the firmness of the 2014s. These are elegant wines, and whereas 2015 produced superb wines across the board, there are evident steps up between the tiers as the best sites clearly benefited from the marginal growing season. Particular highlights for us proved to be the Chapelle Chambertin, Nuits Boudots, and another superb Beaune Cras that offers superb value for money. The wines are floral, smooth and approachable, and can be approached after only short cellaring for all but the Grand Crus, and should flesh out and mellow well in the bottle for the mid-term.

Since it was founded in 1859, Maison Louis Jadot has acquired many different vineyards throughout the Cote d’Or and today holds one of the largest areas under vine and some of the most famous vineyards in the region. Jadot’s wines have, in recent vintages especially, reached a level of quality that cannot be ignored.

All wines are limited in availability and are subject to confirmation
Some wines may have to be allocated and preference will go to last years’ buyers

All wines will be available for delivery in Autumn 2018

Minimum order - £150

All wines are priced per 12 bottles but are available in 6 bottle cases

***NB – Almost all wines are also available in large formats***
Magnums (150cl), Jeroboams (300cl) and even Methuselahs (600cl) are available upon request

White Wines

Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Burgundy2016Corton Charlemagne, Louis JadotBT501,350.00cs92 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Meursault Charmes, Louis JadotBT30585.00cs89/91 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Meursault Perrieres, Louis JadotBT20725.00cs93 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Meursault Porusots, Louis JadotBT50540.00cs87/89 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Puligny Folatières, Louis JadotBT30650.00cs92 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Puligny Referts, Louis JadotBT16590.00cs92 WKAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.

Red Wines

Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts GBP
Per Score Help
Burgundy2016Beaune Cras, Louis JadotBT100400.00cs92+ WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Chapelle Chambertin, Louis JadotBT401,700.00cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Charmes Chambertin, Louis JadotBT201,500.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Clos de Vougeot, Louis JadotBT301,250.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Clos Saint Denis, Louis JadotBT202,700.00cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Corton Pougeots, Louis JadotBT30720.00cs94 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Echézeaux, Louis JadotBT261,620.00cs94 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Gevrey Estournelles St Jacques, Louis JadotBT20750.00cs92 WKAdd to Basket
Burgundy2016Nuits St Georges Les Boudots, Louis JadotBT40690.00cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.