Bordeaux En Primeur 2018

Please contact us if there is a particular wine you are looking for that is not included in the list below as many wines are still available in Bordeaux.

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Colour Region Vintage Wine Size Cs Bts EUR
Per Score Help
Bordeaux2018Carmes de RieussecBT06217.80
cs89/91 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018La ChenadeBT66175.45cs90/92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Montlandrie (Denis Durantou)BT50210.54cs90/92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018CapbernBT390229.90cs88/90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Les CruzellesBT50254.10cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018PotensacBT50261.36cs89/91 NMAdd to Basket
cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018MeyneyBT40295.24cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018CantemerleBT20297.66cs86/88 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Ormes de PezBT40302.50cs88/90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018GloriaBT30419.87cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Echo de Lynch BagesBT30423.50cs88/90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Dame de MontroseBT20450.12cs90/92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Blanc de Lynch BagesBT100471.90cs90/92 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018La Croix de BeaucaillouBT20486.42cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018ArmailhacBT10508.20cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018LagrangeBT30508.20cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Malartic LagravièreBT30508.20cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Langoa BartonBT20526.35cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Branaire DucruBT20559.02cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Clos du MarquisBT30561.44cs90/92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018SuduirautBT10580.80cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Malescot Saint ExupéryBT20595.32cs94/96+ LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Haut BatailleyBT30629.20cs90/92 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018GiscoursBT30660.66cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018IssanBT20682.44cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Brane CantenacBT10753.83cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Domaine de ChevalierBT16786.50cs94/96 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Duhart Milon RothschildBT40792.55cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Gruaud LaroseBT20798.60cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Grand Puy LacosteBT50813.12cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Aile d'ArgentBT10871.20cs90 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018BeychevelleBT96871.20cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Léoville BartonBT20917.18cs94/96 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Léoville BartonBT610458.59cs94/96 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018ClinetBT610465.85cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Pape ClémentBT20960.74cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Pape ClémentBT610480.37cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Léoville PoyferréBT20987.36cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Domaine de Chevalier BlancBT201,040.60cs91/93 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Troplong MondotBT201,110.78cs94/96 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Smith Haut LafitteBT201,183.38cs94/96 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Clos FourtetBT201,219.68cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Pontet CanetBT1001,258.40cs97/99 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Haut BaillyBT401,263.24cs94/96 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Lynch BagesBT1001,292.28cs96/98 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Lynch BagesBT620646.14cs96/98 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Pontet CanetDM-1462.22bt97/99 LPBAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Calon SégurBT101,421.75cs93/95 NMAdd to Basket
Bordeaux2018Pape Clément BlancBT101,433.85cs92/94 NMAdd to Basket
All prices exclude UK duty & VAT and all wines are offered subject to remaining unsold. E&OE.
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