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Thursday, 6th December 2012 by Jonathan Stephens

For many years I have been part of a tasting group whose members have changed over time but the basis of which has always been that we have gathered and each person has brought along a bottle, or two, which is then served blind to the rest of the group. The idea is of course to delight but if possible also to confuse. I can honestly say that UFBs have been responsible for allowing me to taste and share some of the greatest wines ever but they have also embarrassed me no end by my inability to taste blind and left me with some world class hangovers.


The Joy of Sherry

Tuesday, 24th November 2009 by Jonathan Stephens

Sherry has not really been setting the world alight of late. My parents drink it as if it's going out of fashion which maybe it is but I have to admit that I may be in danger of turning into my parents as I am finding the joys of sherry beckonning me. Somewhere there is a marketing department working like mad to convince us that sherry is actually cool rather than something to keep the O.A.P.s quiet.


Hotel El Bulli and Selosse

Monday, 14th September 2009 by Jonathan Stephens

Seville in August is hot. No that's underselling it; its very hot. I had booked a short break to Seville at the end of August without checking the temperatures in advance. Maybe the ease of getting hotel rooms at short notice should have been a clue but anyway I ended up in Seville and sweltered. The locals who obviously know about these things had all decamped to the coast so the city was practically empty. The only people one saw were bewildered and sweaty tourists; the modern day mad dogs and englishmen going out in the midday sun. Actually the temperature did not seem to drop much even at night as by 11.30 in the evening it was still 37°C.


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